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Bedroom Interior Design


Bedroom interior design can be a tricky task to undertake. There are so many styles to chose from that can become overwhelming to the novice. But we can advice on what styles we feel create a harmonious space. It is believed that we spend upto 1/3 of our life asleep or in bed, so it is important that this time is time well spent. While there are many styles and trends one can opt for in terms of bedroom design, there are four keys styles that aide a restful slumber.

Coastal Contemporary 

Image: The Heart & Haven & Stephanie Nereece 

What is more relaxing than the noise of the waves lapping the coast as you drift off to sleep? If you are fortunate enough to live by the sea or within a walking distance then perhaps a costal contemporary bedroom could be just the ticket for you. This bedroom interior design style is very similar to Boho-chic in it’s fundamental design styles. Think sisal rugs, billowing linen curtains, white walls, nautical decor and layering of fabrics. A fun element of the beachy vibe aesthetic is that one can be playful with their design, it allows designers and individuals to get back to basics.

Light Luxe

Image: Lisa Tharp

Light luxe bedroom design is similar to what one would find in an upscale hotel. The style is identified by light interiors, subtle colour palettes and emphasis on comfort. The style is quiet, elegant and sophisticated. Thanks to its evergreen appeal this style stands the test of time. Light luxe bedroom interior design is characterised by a bright interior space, neutral colours, soft fabrics and rich drapery. The bed is finished with goose down duvet, crisp white sheets and sumptuously fluffy pillows. This bedroom design is best suited to those that crave an oasis of calm in their life, a sanctuary to unwind and decompress.


Image: ChrisLovesJulia

This style is characterised by dark moody tones, subdued lighting, dark woods and richly textured materials. This style works best in colder climates of the north. But that’s not to say elements of this design cannot be echoed here in the South of France. This style seeks to create a space that acts as a sanctuary, it is a tranquil and cosy space. Because of the style’s fundamentally darkened hues, bedrooms can become cosy cocoons.

Modern Cosy 

Images: Unwindin & Root Adorned

Nordic tastemakers have had a profound impact on modern architecture and design. While clean lines and hard surfaces might not instantly scream cosy, the Danes have helped soften these edges through a practice known locally as Hygge. The phrase ‘Hygge’ roughly translates to achieving a feeling of cosiness, contentment and well being. Hygge can be achieved through clever use of lighting – lamps and candles create gentle pools of light around the space. Additionally, banishing clutter is another fundamental of Hygge, layering fabrics and rugs, soft furnishing and neutral colour palettes also help create this atmosphere. Features such as a reading nook or snug, fireplace or cosy armchair all help one create a bedroom that is Modern cosy in style.

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