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Five Interior Design films we love


Interior design in films is something that cannot go unnoticed. It sets the scene, evokes the ambiance, invites the viewer in. As an audience, one can suspend their disbelief and be lost, not just in the story line but in the set. Interior design in film plays a crucial role in how cinema is perceived. At Luxoria we are big fans of the art of cinema and the influence it can have on interior design. 

Marie Antoinette 2006 dir Sofia Copella

Image Source: Trailer

Filmed in the Palace of Versailles and the surrounding grounds, the 2006 film Marie Antoinette is a semi-fictional retelling of the infamous queen. The storyline is set against an elaborate and at times, ostentatious settings inside the palace. Gold leaf, Baroque, Rococo and Chinoiserie are everywhere in this great film. Each scene in this film is a veritable feast for the eyes. This is thanks to the intricate details found in the palace. Additionally, these details are further enhanced by the expertly crafted costume design. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel 2015 dir Wes Anderson

Image Credit: Medium

Wes Anderson is undoubtedly a leading auteur in visual cinema. His films are famed for their distinct colour palette, attention to detail and kitsch. These elements are peppered throughout his work. The Grand Budapest Hotel a prime example of the Wes Anderson aesthetic. Filmed in the Gorlizter Warenhaus, Gorlitz, just at the Polish border in East Germany. This chocolate box town played a central role to the theme of the film. Interior design films like Anderson’s thematic colour palette can be seen echoed in hotspots such as Sketch & Bar Luce.

Call Me By Your Name 2017 dir Luca Guad

Image credit: Giulio Ghirardi

Interior designer Violante Visconti Di Modrone was the driving force behind the beguiling interior design in this film. Modrone’s design elements echo the Pearlman family’s intellectual disciplines with artistic details throughout the set. The villa is the perfect backdrop to a lazy summer in Lombardy spent languishing by the pool or escaping the heat in the parlour. This interior design film lover’s location, Villa Albergoni, recently went on the market for €1.7 million

The Talented Mr Ripley 1999 dir Anthony Minghella

Image Source: Classait

At times this film straddles the line between uneasy to watch and absolutely captivating escapism. Set along the Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Rome and Venice, this chic sartorial film oozes charisma and charm. The cinematography along the coastal scenes are filled with picturesque villas and luxury beach resorts. The interiors are light, enticing and the epitome of endless summer and La Dolce Vita. However, winter scenes shot in Rome & Venice take on a dark and moody tone, an underlying current fo dread develops in these locations. Consequently, the interiors become imposing and intimidating in scenes shown in Venice. 

Barry Lyndon 1975 dir Stanley Kubrick

Image Source: FrockFlicks

Filmed in Powerscourt House, Wicklow, Ireland. This Stanely Kubric classic is bursting with opulent interiors. The film follows the protagonist Barry. An Irishman Barry, who gets romantically involved with a wealthy widow. As a consequence, he climbs his way to the top of the 18th-century British aristocratic society, by assuming the identity of his girlfriend’s late husband. The project was shot only using natural light such as sun, moon or candlelight. As a result, the film feels dark and oppressive. This playful use of light furthers the narrative of the suspense within the subtext of the film. Just a few months after filming wrapped the mansion was destroyed in a colossal fire that engulfed the entire property. The Slazanger Family took 20 years to repair the home. The house has been open to the public since 1996.

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