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How to Choose an Interior Designer ?


How to Choose an Interior Designer? It can be daunting to embark on an interior design project or renovation. There are several things to consider in order to choose the best person or team to work with. Here is our handy guide to help you along in your decision making process.


You should always enquire about the experience of the interior designer.  Has he/she done many projects? If so, has he/she done projects that are similar to the one you’re assigning?  Will the tasks be similar?  Is the interior designer working alone or does he have a team behind him?  All these questions will sum up what you need to know before checking out other factors which will have an impact on your choice.  Ultimately the project management will be vital to its success.


Is the style of the interior designer in line with what your project will be or look like? Do you like the style of other projects that the interior designer has done.  Can you see your project mirrored in that? Even if the style may vary from former projects, it is always good if the interior designer has completed similar projects.  A good designer will be able to accommodate your tastes even if his or her personal style is completely different.  You can also show the interior designer photos or moods that inspire you to give him a clear idea of where you would like to see your project headed.

Showcase Projects

Ask to see what the interior designer has done before.  Take into account that not all projects are shown on websites and it might be worth asking for other photos or even photos which show you the before and after effect of works that have been carried out.  When looking at former projects is always interesting to see the solutions that were applied to solve the different aspects.  It also reflects the level of creativity.


See if you can find references on the interior designer you intend to work with.  Does he/she work with established companies?  Has he/she been nominated for awards?  What do former clients say? It is important that you have confidence in the person you are going to work with.


Bigger villa renovation projects can take a long time to complete.  It is paramount that the communication between you and your interior designer is fluid and continuous.  There will be a lot of bigger and smaller issues that will arise during the renovation phase of the project that will need immediate attention.  When the communication between you and your interior designer is smooth these issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently making sure that your project advances at the desired pace.

Open mindedness

Its very important to keep an open mind especially when working on a project that requires both a creative and technical approach.  Keep your mind open to suggestions and new solutions you might not have heard of before.  Don’t hang on to old ideals or ideas that you may have used in a former residence or home.  Why not try something new?  After all this is a new project and should be approached as such. Do not stifle the creative process of the interior designer and his/her  team, keep in mind this is what they do continuously.

Bjarni Breidfjord the Managing & Creative Director of Luxoria and his team is available on short notice for appointments with clients both on the French Riviera and in Paris where Luxoria has offices.

Luxoria is currently working on residential projects in the South of France, Monaco and Paris.  Commercial projects include offices in Monaco and a restaurant in Nice.

Luxoria is also working on a hospitality project in northern Europe which consists of a hotel with 444 rooms and suites which will open in 2022.

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To see more from our interior design in the South of France and Monaco click HERE. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram @luxoria_interiors. There you will find some previous work, current work mixed in with some inspirational work from other designers. On top of that there is the Luxoria Pinterest page. This chronicles our inspiration as well as collaborations. Additionally, you will find mood boards to inspire, lifestyle, fashion, interiors and design elements to browse.