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Five More Interior Design Films we love


Interior design films are something that cannot go unnoticed. It sets the scene, evokes the ambiance, invites the viewer in. As an audience, one can suspend their disbelief and become lost, not just in the story line but in the set. Interior design in film plays a crucial role in how cinema is perceived. At Luxoria we are big fans of the art of cinema and the influence it can have on interior design.

High Society 1956 dir Charles Walters

Set in the idyllic Rhode Island coast, the film follows the lives of Tracy Lord and three potential suitors. The character’s lives are played out in a backdrop of envy inducing interiors and opulent architecture. The golden age of cinema was synonymous with grandeur. The film’s leading star, Grace Kelly is the epitome of glamour and elegance. Her personality fits well with the film’s elegant backdrops.

Volver 2006 dir Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodovar is famed for his distinctive use of colour splashes within his cinematography. Volver has a remarkable colour palette, bold vibrant hues mirror tension and turbulent emotions. Set in the La Mancha region of Spain, the film is warm, vibrant and tantalising. The film is set in the birthplace of Almodovar. Perhaps this proximity to home allowed the director to evoke such a homely atmosphere. The interiors are not particularly excessive, but it’s in clever use of lighting and colours that an enchanting atmosphere is achieved. Captivating colour schemes and set design entice the audience to explore this charming story.

Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 dir Sam Taylor-Johnson

Images Source: Elle Decor


The world of Christian Grey is synonymous with excess and luxury, however, his home, while luxurious is not excessive. It’s tastefully contemporary with nods to design greats sprinkled throughout. His home reflects that of a distinguished character. As a result, esteemed design references are peppered throughout the film. However, they’re at their most concentrated in the home of the film’s central focus. There is no denying the walk-in wardrobe is to die for. Furthermore, there’s no denying the transitional spaces in Grey’s home aren’t awe inspiring. The trailer for the 2013 blockbuster invites the audience into the extravagant world of Christian Grey.

Io Sono Amore / I Am Love 2009 dir Luca Guadagnino

Luca Guadagnino is well skilled in the craft of depicting wealthy intellectuals in varying degrees of heartache and lust. Just look to his other hit film Call Me By Your Name for a prime example of this. Just like the aforementioned film, the audience in this story are treated to a cacophony of envy inducing interiors. The interiors allude to individuals of great refinement. This is true to some degree, however their personal lives soon unravel against the majestic backdrop of Villa Necchi. This space is the stage in which all secrets and tensions come to a head. The lushious villa acts as a balm to atmospheric tension.

American Psycho 2000 dir Mary Harron

Image Source: Trailer

American Psycho chronicles the perceived decline of yuppie Wall Street broker Patrick Bateman. An unassuming former Ivy League WASP appears to have it all, or so it seems. The film’s protagonist hides a dark secret, or so it seems. The author alludes to cannibalism as a metaphor for American hyper consumerism of luxury goods. This correlation can be seen reflected in designer items decorating the home. Culminating in iconic pieces such as the Van Der Rohe Barcelona Chair, the Mackintosh Hill House chair and the Paolo Piva coffee Table. These inanimate objects pacify the protagonist for a time before his decline into madness.

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