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Interior Design Paris – What’s it all about?

Article: interior Design Paris

Living in Paris is like living in a constant dream. No one could ever describe Paris as flat or boxy, as sleek or boring, rather, it’s full of colours and charm. At least that’s what Paris and Parisians, be they French or not, seem to think. This is where every expat from all over the world wants to live. When one thinks of interior design in Paris, they are perhaps inundated with imagery of gilded townhouses, dreamy Haussmanian apartments and trendy bars. There is a quite a lot that can be done for Parisian interior design. The city is filled with upmarket and boundary pushing design houses, all tastes are catered for in the city of love. 

The approach to Parisian design is dictated by the architecture in which the designer finds themselves. One can have great fun blending contemporary elements with Haussman architectural details, this juxtaposition of design principals creates an intriguing talking point within a space. However, doing the opposite, ie placing old-world furniture in modern structures can prove quite challenging. But when the correct balance is achieved, the results are truly something to behold. 

interior design Paris

Paris has long been established as one of the most prolific creative hubs of Europe, alongside the greats such as Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen and Barcelona to name a few. This creativity is fostered by passionate leaders and school funding programmes, providing a creative voice to many strata of society. These varied backgrounds means design fundamentals and space ergonomics can shift to reflect an every changing society. 

Regarding luxury interior design in Paris, the sky is the limit the city is home to many discerning clientele com expect top quality products and service. The city is used to this level of service, catering to these distinguished customers are the myriad of design houses that deal exclusively in the luxury interior design market. Its no surprise that Paris is home to so many luxury brands whether it pertain to interiors, fashion, perfume and textiles – the city is well equipped to deal with any demand. 

Designers residing in the Paris draw endless inspiration from many sources, whether it be from architecture, manicured gardens, art galleries, retail spaces, cinema, people watching and theatre. All these elements culminate in influencing design. 

Expats re-locating to Paris have access to a vast number of interior designers that can help realise their dream Parisian home into a reality. We are well versed in helping international clients create their home in Paris; we have been doing it for 15 years! If you want to work with us, you can reach us HERE

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