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Office Interior Design Spaces We Love

Now more than ever office interior design is taking centre stage. The importance of the office space has been drawn into question lately amongst workers, since the advent of the large-scale working from home movement during Covid, the importance of the office space has fallen by the wayside. Employers have adapted a more verstaile approach to work, they have recognised staff are just as productive working from home as they are in the office. However, for busineeses that require staff presence in the oiffice there-in lies a challenge – how to create an office space that is desirable? When designing an office space one needs to put themselves in the perspective of the worker. Therefore, the office design should be ergonomic, comfortable, clutter free and have spaces for privacy and meetings. While this might not be achievable in every office space there are design tricks employers can utilise to make thier office a place people are content to work in. Here are some innovative office designs throughout Europe we found very inpiring.

Fosbury & Sons – Boisfort, Belgium

The office interior design at Fosbury & Sons shared workspace is an incredible blend of nostalgia and contemporary features. The design team from Going East managed to soften the brutalist structure with tones and hues that a reminicient of a James Bond film set.The cosy interiors are given a retro-inspired spin, helping create a space that is both ergonomic and inspiring. The midcentury design details in the furniture are exemplarey pieces of well designed show pieces.

Wood – Lisbon, Portugal

Playful interior design in office spaces can lift the mood of staff and aide creativity. Wood is a co-working space with plenty of charm and character, this is eveident in their bold colour-scheme and appreciation of mid-century design staples. Bold pops of colour are complimented by neutral and earthen tone furniture. The Lisbon based workspace design is open-plan, however, there are spaces and niches were one can work in a more enclosed environment.

The Bureau – Paris, France

The Bureau by Atelier MKD is a co-working space that perfectly encapsulmates that chic Parisian je ne sais quoi. The office interior design styling is elegant and refined, each space within the co-working development is filled with character and eye catching design detail. The Bureau overlaps mid century design principals with refernces to ?? This culminates in a design aestheitc that is undoubtedly sparks intrigue and evokes a plesant atmosphere.

Sonica – Dublin, Ireland

Kingston-Lafferty Design resdiesgned the headquaters for contruction magnate, Sonica. The design team created a space that feels reminisecnet of a Clockwork Orange film set. The retro-futurism aesthetic creates an office space that is undeniably orginal and fun. Design highlights for us are the meeting rooms showstopping atmosphere and the punchy pops of colour generously used throughout.

Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht -Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Amsterdam branch of co-working development brims with a chic and playful charm. Subdued colour schemes are enchnced with bold dashes of colour, office design spaces are further enhanced by a contemporary design elmements. These contemporary details manage to fit in perfectly with the buildings historic character.

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