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Here you can find the latest news, blogs and recent press coverage from Luxoria. News reports focus on the inner goings on within the company and upcoming projects. Our blogs focus on interior design, architect, how-to guides, art, lifestyle and cinema. The press section highlights any media coverage we have been featured in.


Design Week Milan, a special year for EUROLUCE

23 . 04 .2015

Luxoria team attended Milan International Design Fair, which takes place every year in April in this wonderful city located only a few hours from the French Riviera….


They make our ideas and creativity a reality: The plasterer company “Staff Passion” on the French Riviera

11 . 02 .2015

They make our ideas and creativity a reality… Our dear contractors! With their thirty years of experience and expertise, Staff Passion’s team of professionals magnifies…


Luxoria won the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2014

30 . 11 .2014

The team at Luxoria was very touched when we won the Luxury Lifestyle Award 2014 for best French Interior Designer company.  The award ceremony took…


Luxoria attended the exhibition “Décors à vivre” at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris

21 . 11 .2014

For its fifth year, this event organised by AD magazine is giving carte blanche to sixteen designers, each of whom has been asked to create…

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