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La Manufacture Cogolin


La Manufacture Cogolin, a brand synonymous with quality, style and design has been producing high quality, handmade carpets and rugs for over 90 years. This iconic workshop began when the visionary textile engineer Jean Lauer established a small workshop in the south of France, near St. Tropez, in 1924. Initially producing only silk products, Lauer went on to purchase a series of traditional handlooms, with the aim of producing a series of high quality, luxurious rugs to add to his range. With this, an icon of French style and design was born and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The quality and design of Lauer’s products quickly drew critical acclaim and the attention of some of the world’s best designers of the time such as David Hicks and Christian Berard. Demand has continued to this day with collaboration between the brand and iconic names in interior design such as Charles Zana and India Mahdavi, both of whom have recently completed exclusive range of products that have reinterpreted the traditional range.

Starting with just a single strand of fiber, craftsmen (and women) of exceptional skill and expertise deftly weave threads into masterpieces of quality and design. Using a range of silk, raffia, wool, cotton jute or linen, all Cogolin products are produced with the upmost care and attention to detail, with techniques and craftsmanship developed over its 92 year history.

All rugs are knotted and woven by hand on Jacquard looms using a process which combines needles, cylinders and a punch card mechanism, which guides the hooks to raise or lower the threads which creates Cogolin’s unique style of highly textured patterns, with contrasting relief and elaborate design. Each panel made in widths of 50cm to 3 meters, which are then stitched together. The Coglin color pallet is created exclusively for the brand created from up to 200 different colors, based on a 32 different shades which hint at the brands Mediterranean roots. The dyes used are manufactured to the highest environmental and quality standards.

While many brands are using the latest in technology and modern processed to produce the best products, Cogolin has remained close to its traditional roots. The result is a striking, yet practical piece which sits as well as a small rug under a coffee table as it does stretching from wall to wall or even used as a decorative wall hanging.

Despite a general decline in the popularity of rugs and carpets in home furnishing the brand is as popular as ever, with sales outlets in some of the world’s greatest cities, including New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Brussels. Cogolin’s principal showroom, in Paris 7thArrondissement, offers visitors a total sensory experience, in striking surroundings, where one can experience the entire range first hand.

Cogolin’s rugs and mats now grace countless private residences as well as Embassies, 5 star hotels, luxury yachts and palaces around the world. Their legacy and influence on the world of interior design is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that the brand was founded upon almost a century ago.