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Corporate Office – Monaco

Principal office  

Principals’ office is accentuated with a darker and masculine colour palette. A feature wall  with premium marble in book match lay, and leather covers on each side of it are the focal  point of this room. The rug in dark blue eco-silk lightens the office and references the  proximity to the Mediterranean. Curved chairs give balance to the rigid lines of the  masculine furniture and add a sense of comfort and softness.

Desks for the main staff office needed to be contemporary, stylish, and timeless in their form  and finish. Wall-coverings bring a residential feel to communal office spaces while reflecting  light, creating a luminous ambiance. Again, reference to the nearby sea is seen in the blue  leather motifs. Filing systems & cabinets in wood veneer give a distinction to the space.

Meeting Room  

The lighting design is simple yet stylish, matching the continuity lines of the other offices

A tastefully decorated and well-proportioned private boardroom sit adjacent to the Principal  office. The space is fitted out with top-of-the-line tech and finished in finely crafted materials.  The brief of the boardroom was to be bright, tech-focused, and facilitate group meetings.  The boardroom table is rectangular in shape, seating comfortably 4 to 6 people, with  features that facilitate media connectivity for those who intervene in the meetings.

Rest of the Commercial space  

Tucked away from the main offices is the finance office space. It was necessary to assign this  department a designated discreet location.

The staff kitchen is finished to a high standard and is completed with sophisticated  equipment. The space offers staff a space to unwind during break or fix a coffee. In addition,  staff restrooms are finished in high-end marble and brass elements. The restrooms follow an  edgy colour scheme that sits juxtaposed to the aesthetic of the office spaces. The staff  restrooms also feature a private showering facility and dressing space.

The large terraces wrap around the borders of the offices and communal spaces. Wooden  decking work creates continuity with the office ceiling design and simultaneously pays  homage to the nautical aesthetic. The terrace spaces offer staff the opportunity of an oasis in  the sky – a luxury in somewhere like Monaco where outdoor space comes at a premium.  During the warmer months, the space can function as an entertainment space for team  members and clients alike. The terraces overlook the ports of Monaco to the south, the  Monte Carlo casino sits to the east, the royal palace sits to the west, and the cascading  alpine hills to the north.