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Hotel Interior Design – Lily Of The Valley

The Lily of the Valley is one of the leading hotels in the Mediterranean. The hotel is an escape tucked away just south of Saint-Tropez in the wilds of verdant parklands on the Mediterranean coast. Wellness is the central ethos of this exciting destination.

Facilities: Saunas, fitness and yoga studio, Olympic swimming pool, restaurants and beach facilities and more. 

Image by Vendom

The restaurant designs are nothing short of absolutely charming. The Clubhouse has an authentic country retreat aesthetic, floral sofas and bistro chairs lend this space a relaxed atmosphere. The menu reflects this rustic and authentic nature. Dishes are a plethora of health-focused and locally sourced goods. The Vista is a breathtaking space perched in the canapé of the forest, boasting panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the Riviera cliffs cascading into the sea. The dress code of casual elegance perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of this outdoor space. Brigantine is an Italian-inspired restaurant that playfully sits on the edge of the Plate de Gigaro. This is an unfussy space that references the laid-back restaurants one might find dotted throughout the Italian lakes. With halcyon views across the med and a mouth-watering menu, there is no denying why this is a treasured spot amongst locals and tourists.

Image by Vendom

The hotel design pays homage to its natural surroundings as well as the Boheme heritage of the region. This is in part thanks to its proximity to the hotspot of St Tropez. Interior design in Saint Tropez is generally characterised by its laid-back refinement, earthen tones, natural materials, and organic shapes.

Designer Philippe Starck drew inspiration from provencal abbeys, Californian villas and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for his design. When envisioning the aesthetic for the forty-four guest rooms, he said that he was inspired by the concept of re-wilding and nature overtaking old buildings. This sense of closeness to nature is evident throughout the hotel facilities, with rooms perched like nests in the canapé of the lush forests that surround the centre. 

Image by Vendom

This emphasis on organic interior design can is evident throughout the hotel, stone-clad surfaces, soft earthen colour palettes and natural materials take centre stage in this wellness getaway. These materials of the earth lend the space an undeniable air of calm and tranquillity. The atmosphere at Lily of the Valley is undeniably intoxicating. This is in part due to the serene design of the hotel and the proximity to the Mediterranean sea. 

Bedroom design at Lily of the Valley references the wilding nature of the surrounding gardens, sea, and parklands. Artistic influences from the likes of Cocteau, Picasso, and Matisse can be seen dotted throughout the hotel and the bedrooms. Guest bathrooms are fitted out to the highest standard, this is evident from the materials and finishes used throughout. The bedrooms and suites are designed with the customer in mind. Spaces are casual, comfortable, and unfussy. The materials are honest, fresh linens adorn the beds, and the furniture invites one to relax and recharge. This emphasis on recharging is at the cornerstone of what Lily of the Valley does. They are a wellness destination and customers flock to this resort in search of repose – something which can be almost guaranteed here.

Images courtesy of Lily of the Valley & Vendom