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Here you can find the latest news, blogs and recent press coverage from Luxoria. News reports focus on the inner goings on within the company and upcoming projects. Our blogs focus on interior design, architect, how-to guides, art, lifestyle and cinema. The press section highlights any media coverage we have been featured in.


How do you become an Interior Designer?

29 . 08 .2021

How do you become an interior designer? Becoming an interior designer requires various talents and abilities. Most designers are artistic and creative individuals, meaning they…


Bedroom Interior Design

29 . 07 .2021

Bedroom interior design can be a tricky task to undertake. There are so many styles to chose from that can become overwhelming to the novice….


Villa Valbonne: JFK’s French Riviera Holiday Home

29 . 06 .2021

Kennedy family French Riviera holiday home; A secluded country estate tucked away between charming towns of Valbonne and Mougins, housed one of American history’s most…


Five More Interior Design Films we love

10 . 09 .2020

Interior design films are something that cannot go unnoticed. It sets the scene, evokes the ambiance, invites the viewer in. As an audience, one can…

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Get to know us: Bjarni Breidfjord

02 . 09 .2013

Luxoria the blog sits down with the man behind Luxoria: Creative Director extraordinaire Bjarni Breidfjord. Get to know a little bit more about the man…

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