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Villa Eze: A Masterpiece of Luxury Interior Design in the Hills of Èze

Perched in the picturesque hills of Èze, the recently renovated Villa Eze stands as a testament to impeccable luxury interior design. This three-story property has undergone a complete transformation, both structurally and aesthetically, resulting in a breathtaking masterpiece that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings.

One of the most notable changes made to the villa was the addition of an extension, which expanded the space and allowed for the creation of new areas like the home office. Additionally, the lower level was skilfully carved out of the rock, adding depth and uniqueness to the property.

The interior of the three-story villa is a testament to both opulence and functionality. It features a well-designed master suite, two guest bedrooms, four bathrooms, an office area, and a spacious open-plan living area that offers unobstructed views of the Mediterranean sea. Surrounded by lush gardens and an inviting infinity pool, the villa creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation. To cater to the needs of a family, a dedicated children’s play area was incorporated, while a staff area was established to ensure seamless service.

luxury interior design project eze open plan living and entertainment space
luxury interior design project eze open plan living and entertainment space

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Armani Hotel in Milan, the design concept for Villa Eze was rooted in creating a visual harmony with the surrounding hills and nature. The clean lines, carefully chosen materials, and meticulous attention to detail reflect the elegance and sophistication of the Èze hillscape.

Throughout the interiors, a soft colour palette takes centre stage. The choice of mineral shades, including beige, ivory, sandy silk, and travertine, perfectly complements the villa’s minimalist architecture. These light hues create a sense of serenity and spaciousness, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to shine. To add depth and contrast, dark tones of wood were strategically incorporated, providing a striking balance with the overall softness of the colour scheme.

The interplay of volumes, light, and shadows is a key element in the design of Villa Eze. Each space has been thoughtfully curated to maximise natural light while creating captivating visual experiences. The careful arrangement of furniture and the integration of architectural features emphasise the exquisite materials used, enhancing their inherent beauty.

The seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces further enhances the villa’s allure. Expansive windows and sliding doors create a connection with the lush gardens, allowing residents to enjoy the stunning Mediterranean landscape from the comfort of their own home. The design concept seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor living, providing a sense of continuity and harmony with nature. Children’s bedrooms are delineated by joyful colour schemes, the principal bedroom is muted in tonality but still makes an incredible impression.

children bedroom interior design

The renovation of Villa Eze showcases the expertise and creativity of Luxoria Interiors, a renowned interior design company specialising in luxury projects. With their meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of their client’s desires, they have transformed this property into a luxurious haven that epitomises refined living.

The superb Villa Eze stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of architectural design, luxurious materials, and the breathtaking natural surroundings of Èze. It serves as a showcase of exemplary luxury interior design. 

To see other villa projects we have worked on check HERE. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram @luxoria_interiors. There you will find some previous work, and current work mixed in with some inspirational work from other designers. On top of that, there is the Luxoria Pinterest page. This chronicles our inspiration as well as collaborations. Additionally, you will find mood boards to inspire, lifestyle, fashion, interiors, design elements and country house interior design ideas to browse.

Villa Mougins

villa interior design mougins living room

Interior design in Mougins tends to focus on creating familial homes and spaces for entertaining. The region is hugely popular with expat familes, and these failies require homes that suite their taste and lifestyle. The works undertaken at Villa Mougins were a total renovation and modernisation of all services. The home redevelopment was overseen by a team of project managers and skilled tradespeople. The two teams worked closely throughout the journey of the project. 

All interior upholstery, curtains, and soft furnishing are finished in Loro Piana fabric, adding to the sumptuous atmosphere of the home. This fine material finish can be seen lovingly dotted throughout the client’s home. The living room’s charming character is bolstered by playful piping details on the sofas and throw cushions. Its south-facing orientation lends the space bountiful amounts of light throughout the day. The interior space has taken advantage of this by utilising a light colour scheme with gentle dashes of colour dotted throughout. Each destination in the open living area has its own distinct colour code.

interior design luxoira Kitchen

The house’s blushing colour pays homage to the Provencal landscape in which the home is situated. These gentle pastel tones and hues are seen echoed in the choice of flowers seen in the gardens. These colours in the foliage are juxtaposed with the interior and exterior flooring. Upon the client’s request, all interior flooring chosen was a striking Travertino marble, this was matched with a French exterior stone. 

Custom carpentry is featured throughout the project, all kitchen carpentry elements were bespoke and made by our talented carpenter team. The leaving room and dining areas feature a chic custom library and detailed panel work. Bedrooms also feature detailed panelling and plinth designs – as well as the wonderfully executed walk-in wardrobes.


The bedrooms are sympathetic to the design of the building in the colour palette and structure. All sleeping quarters are finished to a high standard, creating a relaxing ambience. The ensuite bathrooms are each given their own distinct character. The master bedroom’s ensuite is more faithful to Neo-classical design principles with their ornate finishes. Whereas the guest bedroom ensuite bathrooms have a more quirky character thanks to their Cole & Son, Arte, and Pierre Frey wallpapers

interior design luxoira mougins bedroom
interior design bedroom mougins

Our client’s love of music and entertaining allowed us to plan a home entertainment system that blended the inside into the garden and pool area. A state-of-the-art surround system operates in the interior and exterior of the property – creating the ideal solution for entertaining. 

The manicured gardens were also part of the redevelopment of Villa Mougins. The gardens plans saw the exterior space go from neglected to thriving thanks to our careful attention to detail and horticultural acumen. The garden retention walls were strengthened and adorned with dozens of species of indigenous flora. The pool was modified upon request of the client. The pool size was increased and deepened, we also installed an exquisite mosaic. The renovated pool area is framed by two grand palm trees, drawing the eye to the end of the garden.

interior design garden design villa
luxury interior design mougins

To see other villa projects we have worked on check HERE. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram @luxoria_interiors. There you will find some previous work, current work mixed in with some inspirational work from other designers. On top of that, there is the Luxoria Pinterest page. This chronicles our inspiration as well as collaborations. Additionally, you will find mood boards to inspire, lifestyle, fashion, interiors, design elements and country house interior design ideas to browse.